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"What we all have in common is a universal love to create" - Meet Damian Orellana

Hi, I'm Damian, originally from Connecticut, but I lived in Brooklyn for a few years right up to the Covid-19 pandemic shutdown in 2020. After that, I retreated to my hometown, and after a year of missing New York, I made my way back to the city.

Currently based in Bushwick.

What do you do for a living?

I am a designer and illustrator. I am specializing in brand design, illustration, and packaging.

Did you always know that you wanted to be an artist?

I have been drawing since I was a kid, and I didn't start taking it seriously until my last couple of years of high school. Then, I stumbled upon a computer art course where I first met my teacher @SheydaArdalan, and with her wisdom, I learned to digitally draw through a Wacom tablet and animate my work through programs like Adobe Photoshop and Flash.

How can you describe your art?

In three words, I'd say clean, colorful, and cute. I use a lot of linework and shapes, which ultimately results in a harmonious blend of these elements.

Which playlist/music puts you in the mood?

My playlist is all over the place, but I find myself listening to a lot of dreams, psychedelic, and indie-pop. I'm also a big fan of Studio Ghibli soundtracks. There is just something about the romantic composition in classical music that makes me calm and puts my mind into a state of imaginative wonder.

How is your creative process?

My process starts with a ton of sketching. I find either in a sketchbook scrap paper lying around my desk or my personal favorite, Ipad and Procreate. I would then bring the sketch over to Adobe illustrator for inking. This might come off as a surprise to some people, but I actually use the trackpad on my laptop and mainly use the pen tool when vectoring my sketches.

Your work has a lot of colors, with big strokes; when and how did you discover your style?

I started to discover my style during my years as an undergrad. I looked up to several designers that used heavy line work in their illustrations. I was immediately drawn to the symmetry, balance, and structure they created in their compositions. I aimed to be an illustrator hoping that I could be like them someday. With many years of practice and working on my craft, I discovered my technique by combining strokes, shapes, and colors.

Mental health is vital for an artist to create; what is your power secret to continue creating every day? Has your art been helping you to express those feelings?

Not sure if I can call this a secret, but I have a daily routine. I am exercising in the morning, eating breakfast, and doing a little bit of sketching or reading before working has helped me a lot.

When I feel good and not stressed, I am able to make awesome stuff which in return makes me happy.

How do you prepare yourself every day to get new clients and commissions?

I make sure I am up to date with my portfolio by tidying things up on my site and posting regularly on social media because most of my commissions come through these platforms, and I want these pages to look their best.

What is the best part of being an artist?

I think it's part of something bigger than yourself. Imagine all the designers and artists who came before you and shared their knowledge and experience with the world—being a part of a community that followed their hearts in the path of artistry.

What we all have in common is a universal love to create and add value on this little blue pebble.

What was the best advice someone ever told you?

"Leave your hometown." My friend's mom said this to me once when we were talking about where I wanted to go for undergrad. It took me some time to understand what she meant, but what

I learned was sometimes you have to take initiative and give up certain things in your life in order to improve, even if it means leaving home.

Which artists are an inspiration to you?

A list of my homies who inspire me to create every day.

What will be your advice to new artists?

To start building their social media presence. Social platforms are the most helpful tool to create awareness for your brand because you can showcase your personality and establish a network of connections that can bring in business.

How can other people find your work?

You can find my work on Instagram dribbbletiktok and my website.



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