Illustrations That Influence

Illustration by Pawel Kuczynski

For tens of thousands of years, art and illustrations tell both the positive and negative, thought-provoking stories of major pivots in human history. We’ve advanced from creative symbols on rocks and caves to illustrations with our pen on paper and now touchscreens on our computers and tablets. Yet, though our tools have changed, one thing remains: illustrations that evoke the most thoughtful response, a call to action, create empathy, tell a story that can ideally change the world for the better.

Humans have imprinted a mark on the world leaving both good and bad legacies full of both hope and despair.

SoulDoodles’ mission is to be a network of illustrators and artists that continually inspires artists--both seasoned and brand new to create art. Now, we want to see SoulDoolitas and SoulDoolitos create art that creates constructive thought and action to create a better world.

The following are a set of illustrations and art graphics that leave us asking, what kind of legacy do we want to leave behind? So here’s to being inspired to act.

Daniel Garcia

His work focus on political and human issues

Slimy Oddity

Creates art with love & light

Aimee Katherine

Creates colorful & positive illustrations

Steffen Kraft

Eco friendly artivist

Ekaterina (Kat) Sheath

Produce illustrations that are engaging, colorful and educational


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