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Illustrating to record memories and self-healing, Amanda Yeti

Hi, I'm Amanda Yehi, a graphic designer and illustrator from Taiwan.

Did you always know that you wanted to be an artist?

I hadn't thought about being an artist before; it all started after the birth of my son because I want to record his growth and our moments in life and give it to him as a gift.

How can you describe your work?

My illustrations are mainly black and white stripes and add colors to show emotions.

Which playlist/music puts you in the mood?

I enjoy listening to instrumental piano music; it helps me to focus and forget about the not-so-happy moments in life.

How is your creative process?

It is a free process; I primarily draw ideas that are exceptionally inspired by life and thoughts after reading. I sketch on paper before jumping in digital.

When and how did you discover your style?

My style came after illustrating for a while; I love to work with black and white colors because it is simple and still can show the paint. However, as time passed, I began to add more color to show and draw some of my emotions.

Mental health is vital for an artist to create; what is your secret power to continue creating every day?

My secret power is to keep drawing and documenting what happened in my life and create every day.

What is the best part of being an illustrator?

Self-healing. Drawing every day connects you with your soul and allows you to discover some of those areas in your life; it is a great way to communicate with others, and receiving feedback is one of the best things in being an illustrator.

What was the best advice someone ever told you?

If drawing makes you happy, keep doing it.

Which artists are an inspiration to you?

Japanese illustrator Anzai Mizumaru is my favorite illustrator.

His paints look more childlike and graffiti but are all simple, bright, and capture much life and emotion.

What will be your advice to a new illustrator

Same advice someone told me, if drawing makes you happy, keep on it. Don't be worried or frightened; keep expressing yourself in your work.

How can other people find your work?



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