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Getting Started with Digital Illustration


Hola! Are you interested in learning how to create digital drawings and artwork? Digital illustration is a fun, creative outlet that lets you make cool designs using digital tools like drawing tablets, styluses, and software. In this beginner's guide, we'll explore some easy ways to start with digital illustration and make your own artistic creations.

Choose Your Digital Illustration Tools

To begin digital illustration, you'll first choose the hardware and software you'll use. For drawing, you'll need a drawing tablet, like an iPad Pro or Microsoft Surface, along with a stylus. The drawing tablet is your digital canvas, and the stylus is your brush or pencil. Regarding software, popular choices for digital illustration include Procreate, Adobe Fresco, Adobe Illustrator, and now Figma. Procreate and Adobe Fresco focus more on drawing and painting, while Adobe Illustrator handles design elements like shapes and text. Evaluate your budget and specific needs to determine which tools are right for you.

Learn the Fundamentals of Digital Illustration

Once you have your tools, it's time to learn digital illustration fundamentals. Get familiar with the interface and tools in your chosen software. Then, practice fundamental techniques like sketching, line art, filling with color, and more. Many tutorials and how-to guides are available online to help you learn the basics at your own pace. With regular practice of the core skills, you'll get the hang of digital illustration in no time.

Find Inspiration for Your Creations

Finding inspiration is key to creating great digital illustrations. Browse the artwork of others for styles, subjects, and techniques you enjoy. You might find inspiration in nature, photographs, patterns, or other sources. Listen to music or podcasts to spark your creativity while illustrating. Connecting with other digital illustrators like our SoulDooldes community can also help motivate you and expose you to new inspiration and techniques. Sharing your own artwork may even inspire others. You can always do it in our Slack Channel!

Continue Learning and Practicing

The great thing about digital illustration is that there's always more to learn. Once you've grasped the fundamentals, continue learning new skills and techniques to expand your abilities. Practice regularly to improve your skills and develop your unique style. Over time, you'll be creating digital illustrations with ease. For many, digital illustration can be a lifelong creative outlet if you stick with it. As members of the SoulDoodles Community have shown, continued practice and participation in monthly illustration challenges lead to ongoing improvement and growth as an artist.

If you're ready to start with digital illustration, find inspiration, and keep learning, let's begin! Happy illustrating, and feel free to share your digital doodles and artwork with us on Instagram. Have fun!



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