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Discover Angela's six steps to illustrate, a self-taught illustrator

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

I'm Angela, from Colombia. Right now, I work at Samsung. I manage all of the shop’s display furniture. Besides my Samsung role, I have a personal project, @Conspiracy_illustration, where I draw and write about my personal stuff. Like SoulDoodles, Conspiracy Illustration is to inspire others.

What type of art do you feel most connected to?

I feel connected to different types of art, music especially. It transmits emotion and is a wonderful kind of poetry. I think putting creating words out of our emotions is art, which is very inspiring. I really love to write about life. It is therapeutic. I prefer all art that communicates and expresses human concerns.

How long have you been drawing or illustrating?

I started drawing when I studied my psychology career, and I decided to take some art classes. I have always had a passion for arts and creatively communicate my own ideas. I started to illustrate in my own Instagram account since last year.

What inspires you the most to illustrate?

When I started to illustrate, my brain began to pay more attention and absorb all of the things that happen during the day. For this reason, I started to be more aware of the things that consume my daily life. I decided to change some habits, incorporating habits that inspire me. I started reading at least 1 book a month. I watched movies and documentaries that truly inspired me, listened to new music, and followed artists and illustrators that I like. These habits inspire me and help me reflect on my surroundings, and give me content to communicate meaningful stuff to my audience.

Do you remember your first-ever illustration? What was it?

Yes, I remember my first illustration. I did my first illustration on my phone. I bought the last Samsung Note10, and I really wanted to take advantage of the galaxy note pen. I really love to see my old illustrations and see the progress I’ve made.

Describe your creative illustration process in several steps

1. Start thinking about something I want to communicate.

2. Read about different topics.

3. Watch my Instagram feed and some Pinterest photos.

4. Choose a palette color that inspires me

5. Start drawing, always with good music.

6. If I feel that an idea is not working and takes a lot of time, I change my mind and start something else.

What three things would you tell others to be inspired to make art during Covid-19?

COVID-19 has been a good opportunity to create self-awareness. We have had more time in our homes, with our family, with fewer distractions. So it is an excellent time to connect with ourselves and start doing all of the important projects for us.

Which tools do you use to illustrate? Which one do you use the most?

I use photoshop and a Wacom tablet :)

How can others find your work or connect with you?

Find my work on @conspiracy_illustration



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