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In Your Style 


Calling all creatives! We’re teaming up with Playbook to ignite your artistic spark with a challenge that celebrates the beauty of reimagining. Ever look at a masterpiece and think, "I wonder if I could do something like this?" This challenge is your chance to do just that! ✨

Playbook SoulDoodles.png

From Inspiration to Reimagination

Inspiration can come from anywhere, and we’ve lined up work from three amazing photographers to spark your creativity. Explore the candy-colored wonderlands of Teresa Freitas’ travel photography, the striking geometric compositions of Matthieu Venot’s architectural shots, and the powerful conceptual self-portraits by Fares Micue. Embrace your unique style and recreate these photos in whatever medium speaks to you – pencils, paints, markers, digital tools – the choice is yours. This challenge is all about the incredible chain of creativity: from being inspired by others, to becoming an inspiration yourself. So, grab your tools, unleash your creativity, and let's see these pics #InYourStyle!

🥇 1st, 🥈 2nd, and 🥉 3rd place winners will each receive an in-person ticket to attend Config 2024, hosted by Figma. Figma is a design tool that enhances creativity and collaboration in the workplace, making this conference a great opportunity for anyone looking to advance their design skills and network with industry professionals.

Important dates:
Open for submissions: May 10th, 2024
Close for submissions: May 31st, 2024 @ 11:59pm EST
Winners announced on June 3rd, 2024

One board entry per participant
Your board should contain three images of your original artwork, one for each of the photos


What is Playbook?
Playbook is a cloud storage made for creative files. Playbook stores, automatically tags, and organizes your visual assets to make it super easy for you or your team to browse and find what they want.

What is SoulDoodles?
SoulDoodles is a non-profit on a mission to help you connect with your inner child, to take a moment to bring creativity into your life and have fun.

Why is Playbook + SoulDoodles doing this competition?
We're creatives ourselves and started Playbook to support and uplift creative people. We want to bring our community together, get inspired, and (of course) spread the word about Playbook :)

Who is eligible?
Are you at least 18? Are you creative? If the answers are yes & yes, you’re eligible to enter the competition.

How many submissions can I enter?
You may enter 1 board submission with three images of your original artwork, one for each of the photos .

Do I retain all rights to my assets?
Yes, you retain ownership of all your work and ideas.
Playbook will have a limited right to use your work to promote or share information about the competition. We won't use your work in any other way, and we definitely won't train AI models on it or share it with anyone who does. See the full terms here

How is the competition judged?
For details, please see the Judging section of the Official Rules page.

Do public votes decide the winners?
No, public votes don’t directly decide the winners. However, they can influence our judges’ decisions and play a vital role in the final outcome.

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