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Our story

It all began with a spark of inspiration. Something incredible happened as I started illustrating and sharing my work on Instagram and LinkedIn. People I connected with started expressing genuine appreciation for my doodles and illustrations.


Before long, my inbox was flooded with inquiries about how I embarked on my artistic journey and what advice I could offer aspiring artists. It was an enchanting chain reaction, igniting a wave of creativity. Inspired artists even began sharing their designs, tagging me on their social media accounts.


Drawing from my product design and journalism background, I realized there was an opportunity to create something truly impactful. Thus, I embarked on the mission to build a platform—a sanctuary—where I could interview illustrators from around the globe. I intended to inspire countless others to fearlessly express and doodle their unique experiences, free from the shackles of comparison.


Welcome to SoulDoodles, an inclusive space where everyone is encouraged to explore, express, and share their souls' depths through doodling.


With love,


Lilibeth Bustos Linares

CEO & Founder​

Our Team.

At the heart of this vibrant creative space, lies our dedicated team, without whom the exploration of your hidden talents would not be possible.

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