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Our story

Embarking on our journey, a burst of inspiration set the stage. The simple act of sharing my art on Instagram and LinkedIn led to something extraordinary. Those I connected with not only appreciated but genuinely embraced my doodles and illustrations.

Before I knew it, my inbox overflowed with inquiries about my artistic journey and sought-after advice for aspiring illustrators. This triggered a chain reaction, unleashing a wave of creativity. Inspired illustrators eagerly shared their designs, tagging me on social media.

Drawing from my background in product design and journalism, a vision emerged—an opportunity to create something impactful. Thus, I set out to build a platform—a haven—interviewing global creatives. The ultimate goal: to inspire others to reconnect with their inner child, using any creative form as a refreshing break from the digital grind.

In this journey, I hold a steadfast belief that as adults, we must reconnect with our inner child. It resonates in every stroke and doodle—a beckoning to create and connect with unbridled creativity.

Welcome to SoulDoodles, a simple and inclusive space where everyone is invited to explore, express, and share their souls through creativity.

With love,

Lilibeth Bustos Linares
CEO & Founder​

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