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Our story

It all started with a simple idea. I began by illustrating and posting my work on Instagram and LinkedIn.  And to my surprise, I noticed that most of the people I was connecting with mentioned how much they appreciated my doodles and illustrations.

Shortly after, more questions started rolling through my inbox on how I began illustrating and what advice I could offer others who wanted to make art. It was like the perfect domino effect! Some inspired artists have even shared their designs and tagged me on their social media accounts.

Combining my product designer brain with a  journalism background, I decided to build a platform that will host interviews with illustrators around the world to inspire more people to create or doodle their experiences without comparison or fear. 

I welcome you to SoulDoodles, a space for everyone to express, explore, and share their souls through doodles.


Lilibeth Bustos Linares
CEO & Founder

Our Team.

This creative space we’ve put together for you to explore your hidden talents wouldn’t be able to thrive without the help of our team!

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